The Lance Grows Rusty

The new book is ready for pre order on Amazon.spearopt1

Although a fictional tale it is inspired by the years in research labs (before I moved to the University of Edinburgh – that bit is important to say, apparently).

If you have ever worked in a research environment then something in this book will resonate with you.  If you have ever worked in research science in Edinburgh then it may spark a few memories and if you have ever worked in research science in Edinburgh with me then maybe a wee wry smile might cross your face.

All of the profits from the sale of the book are going to go back into medical research so please help me get the message out there.  Profits aren’t that great on Amazon so I need the message to get as far and as wide as possible.

If you know anyone who could help in any way then please get in touch.

Author: Anatomy Fundamentals

Janet Philp has spent a lifetime exploring fitness and wellbeing. Starting in group exercise, travelling through rugby to representing the UK at martial arts before including Yoga, meditation, Budokon and personal instruction. Her passion is anatomical function and educating people to use their bodies to their full potential.

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