It is now possible to buy the items direct from us, cutting out the middle man and increasing the amount that goes back into anatomical education or medical research.  We may even have our range of I Heart Guts toys appearing here soon as well.



I Heart Guts lapel badges

These fantastic little label badges sell out quick.  The perfect statement to show your interest.

Available:- brain, parathyroid, teeth, spine, lungs, live, gallbladder, muscle, intestines, ovary, testicles, bladder, shoulder, knee, spine,heart, heart of gold, kidney, lymphnode, pancreas. price includes shipping in UK

I Heart Guts badges – please email with choice of organ



tshirt2Curioscope T shirts

With the help of a free app these t shirts allow a glimpse into your insides.  With a voice over that explains what you are seeing in the skeletal, respiratory, circulation, digestion and urinary system it delves deep with augmented reality and embedded videos.  An eye catching pixcel rib design gives a clue as to its true purpose.  Available in Large, medium and small adult sizes. Price includes shipping within the UK.

T shirt – please email with size



Organ Attack

Protect your organs while attacking your friends’ organs in this hilarious and competitive party game. Defend and attack using corresponding affliction cards, keep the game interesting with a variety of strategic-play cards, and mix it up with instant-play cards that can be used out of turn. The last player to have at least one organ left is the winner! 2-6 players 10+ Price includes shipping within the UK



Burke Now and then

The story of William Burke told by his skeleton that hangs in the Anatomical Museum of the University of Edinburgh. Over four years of research have gone into what is being called the definitive book on William Burke and the tale of his murderous ventures on the streets of Edinburgh. Price includes £2.50 postage



The Lance Grows Rusty

A fictional story inspired by over ten years working in research labs. The Lance Grows Rusty captures the petty politics and life changing drama that can be found everywhere. 100% of the profits from this book are going back into medical research at the University of Edinburgh to help research scientists find the answers that they seek. Price includes £2.50 postage



large plate

bamboo large plate – the price includes postage


small dishes

set of 4 small bamboo dishes – price includes delivery


Set of 4 china side plates

Set of 4 china side plates in a presentation box


Set of 4 skull shot glasses

set of 4 shot glasses with skull and labels – price includes delivery



set of 2 tea towels

set of 2 tea towels showing organs and heart – price includes delivery



storage tin

A tin showing organ details and with removable inserts - price includes delivery