Burke Now and then tells the story of William Burke, the supplier of bodies to Robert Knox, but it does so from the point of view of the skeleton that currents hangs in the Anatomical Museum of the University of Edinburgh.

This unique view allows speculation on the motives of the crimes whilst also allowing the character full access to all the facts of the case that were discovered after his death.

The years of research, which are fully referenced in the book, allow the story to be told whilst ensuring it does not deviate too much from the facts of the case.

This book contains freshly unearthed evidence about Burke’s family tree, the truth about the illness he was reported to suffer from, evidence about other parts of his life that have remained unexplored and details about the men who betrayed him.

Proceeds from the book are going to support Anatomical education and engagement at the University of Edinburgh and the OddBalls foundation.

ISBN – 978-0-9955101-0-4

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The Lance Grows Rusty is a fictional tale set in a research lab in Edinburgh.  It is inspired by my decade in research science prior to my move to the University of Edinburgh.

It tells the tale of Duncan Twort a vet who has moved into research.  He returns from a trip to Spain to find his life unravelling around his ears.  The everyday experiences of laboratory life start to eat into his private life and vice versa.  Does he want to stay at the bench?  Would it be easier to just walk away?

All of the profits from the sale of the e book will be feed back into medical research.

Its like a fundraising raffle but you’ve already won a book to read with your coffee.

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The Anatomy Pirates of the tale of Tardy and his pirate crew who all meet their just deserts in Richmond in 1827.  It a tale told from the survivors perspective but accompanied by the complete court papers and garnished with details of the further work we have done with their remains.  Why are their remains in Edinburgh?  What do they have to do with Phrenology? How did mistaken identity help a pseudoscience continue?

All these and more are answered in this book.

Available from Amazon here

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