Reflection and Focus

It’s been a year today since the UK went into lock down for the COVID pandemic. There is a nation wide minute silence at midday.

It’s a time to reflect on things that have occurred over the past year. The changes we have had to made, the concept of having to do things before we are completely ready. We have made some changes which we will continue to adopt.

I’ve taken 2021 as a year to concentrate on growth, reflection and focus.

      When I started on my anatomical journey several years ago the plan was always to try and take anatomical knowledge back to the fitness industry and help improve knowledge of the human body.  It hasn’t been a straight journey.  Along the way I have moved into massage therapy, I’ve had some fantastic educational opportunities and I have met some fantastic people.  I would now describe myself as an atomists – I’m not sure that was ever the plan.

I’m now starting on a PhD project looking at why we have different understandings of the human body.  I’m going down rabbit holes I never knew existed.

For years I have only fed back to the fitness industry in odd articles, presentations, one or two workshops.  I couldn’t produce any more because I wasn’t ready.  I needed more time to get all my ducks in a row.

Not any more – lets start now.  Start small, its not great but if I wait until I’m completely ready I am never going to do anything.

Here it is – the first You Tube video looking at how some people are taught about the pelvis and why it might even be making it harder.

Bony Pelvis Video

Author: Anatomy Fundamentals

Janet Philp has spent a lifetime exploring fitness and wellbeing. Starting in group exercise, travelling through rugby to representing the UK at martial arts before including Yoga, meditation, Budokon and personal instruction. Her passion is anatomical function and educating people to use their bodies to their full potential.

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