Can you help?

 Can You Help Me?

I recently moved house and discovered some manuscripts that I wrote over 20 years ago.  They tell the tale of a group of research scientists.  I worked on it over Christmas and it has just come back from the proof reader.

She really enjoyed it!

‘Just the right mix of humour and drama!’

Here is the plan.  I am going to publish it later this year as an E book and feed all of the profits back into research science.

If you have ever worked in research science then someone thing in this book will resonate with you.

If you have ever worked with me, or research science in Edinburgh, then you might even recognise some of the events and incidents that have helped fuel the story.

If it could raise enough money to buy a few plastic tubes I would be happy but why think small?  Could it raise enough to send someone to a conference or inspire someone to become a research scientist?  Could it even support a summer studentship, a PhD?

I would like to see how many research labs and Universities we can get this publication into.  A countdown to publication will appear on this site as we get closer to the date.

What would be really great is if everyone could spread the word as far as possible and we can coordinate everybody downloading it in the first week.  That might cause a blip on amazon and people might start looking at why scientists are essentially having to crowd funding research.

Author: Anatomy Fundamentals

Janet Philp has spent a lifetime exploring fitness and wellbeing. Starting in group exercise, travelling through rugby to representing the UK at martial arts before including Yoga, meditation, Budokon and personal instruction. Her passion is anatomical function and educating people to use their bodies to their full potential.

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