Pulled Elbows

I was once walking along with a Physio friend of mine behind some parents who were swinging their child between them.  She actually went up and spoke to them.  A brave women, but she had spent a lot of time correcting pulled elbows in young children, usually an unnecessary injury that can be so easily avoided.

Pop over to the articles page to see an explanation as to what pulled elbow is and how it can be avoided!

Sculpture and art

Last week I spent two days trying my hand at sculpture at powder hall foundry.

What a fantastic course and what a help it was having an understanding of the under laying anatomy.

I have never done any clay work before but defiantly will try it again!  Kenny Hunter was a great course leader.

I’m now convinced that there is a definite role for anatomy instructors in art courses.

Body Painting and Web Pages

June 2016

Web Page improvements

Please have a look around the web site.

I’ve added a page with articles that have made it into the press and a sign up form so that you can follow the blog or subscribe to an email list

The next stage is a shopify account so that you can see some of the fantastic anatomical toys I’ve discovered and will shortly be bringing into the country for sale.  Can’t wait to share them with you.

May 20th 2016

Fantastic weekend workshop with avid yogi looking at anatomy education for yoga.

Artificial lungs made to demonstrate how the diaphragm works and then body painting to reinforce the teaching of the circulatory system

Great to see anatomy education getting out into the public and away from the very medic centred teaching we have at the moment.

Fantastic to see a bunch of people so enthusiastic to learn more and the way the very complicated was explained by Karen (avid yoga).  I hope to be as successful with my public engagement.